June 30, 2010


So most of you know, my little guy has some funny quirks. One of them being that he doesn't like, no let me correct that, he HATES when I quote or sing along to a show he is watching. He starts screaming, "NO!!!" at the top of his lungs. But for some reason he only does this with me. If Nick starts to quote or sing along, Toby cracks up laughing. Why this is, I have no idea. But just because I want to prove to him when he gets older (and give you guys some entertainment) of how hard of a time he gave me as a temperamental toddler, I decided to film such an occasion. Let me set this up by telling you about one of Toby's most favorite shows right now: "Kipper the Dog."

It's a British Cartoon about a dog named Kipper and his adventures with his friends, Tiger and Pig. Why this show has caught Toby's attention is beyond me because I thought it would be a little slow for my busy body two-year old. But for some strange reason he is absolutely infatuated with it. And there is one particular line in an episode that Nick and I quote often and it goes like this:

Kipper: "You can do a roly poly. Yooouuu're soooo clever!"

So the video below is us quoting this very line, and Toby's reaction to us quoting it. I don't know if it's my terrible attempt at a British accent or what but Toby goes ballistic anytime I quote it.


Colleen said...

Ha ha! Well obviously you're just not doing it right!

Love the grand finale with the spilled drink.

BeeP said...

Hilarious! For the record, your British accent is awesome. That is so funny.

Aleta said...

That is ridiculous. I'm glad you've got that on tape :)

Jessie said...

Ha! That's totally funny. Little stinker. Don't you just feel like saying: HEY, respect the woman who keeps you alive!

I love Kipper. I hadn't thought of playing episodes online! I used to get them from the library in Iowa. I need to look for them here.

My boys are getting big enough that we're discovering Magic School Bus now. I'd forgotten how clever and fun that show is!