May 23, 2011

The Scoop

I know, I look huge. Partly because of the IV and partly because our camera adds 10 lbs. Nick assured me, "I promise you don't look that big in real life."
Thanks Nick.

This is pathetically late, but here it is: My delivery

Monday morning I got a call at 10:30 from the hospital asking if I could be there in 30 minutes. They were supposed to call me the night before and give me an exact time to come to the hospital, but for some reason they had an unusual amount of inductions scheduled so they weren't sure if they could squeeze me in. I assured them I would be able to make it, and yes, even coming all the way from Eagle Mountain (the lady on the phone seemed worried about our 20 minute commute). As soon as I hung up, we said our goodbyes to Nick's parents and the T-man (which was actually really hard for me) and arrived right at 11:00. They didn't get the pitocin going until about 12:30 and by 4:30 I was dilated to a 4.5. Oh and somewhere in there I got an epidural, which was much more pleasant this time around (first time it only took on one side which was more annoying than anything). Finally around 4:45 my doctor arrived, broke my water, and then Nick and I just chatted with my parents for a good 45 minutes. Suddenly, I felt LOTS of pressure and a strong desire to push. I kept telling myself it was probably just the contractions getting stronger. With Toby, I didn't need to push for a good 9 hours after they broke my water, so I thought there was no way I would have dilated to a 10 in less than an hour. I kept squirming on my bed until finally I told my parents that I was feeling lots of pressure. My mom instantly perked up, "Oh! Really?!" (she is very dramatic) "Do you want me to get a nurse?" As if on cue, my nurse walked in. I asked if she could check me, thinking that I was maybe a 6 or 7. She smiled and said, "Are you ready to push?" I looked at her shocked. "What?" I was in disbelief. "You're at a 10." "Wow, that was fast," was all I could say. Toby took a good 14 hours to make his appearance - 6 days late, even on pitocin after an hour of pushing. Aspen made her appearance in about 5 1/2 hours with only 5 minutes of pushing. When I saw her, I realized why the pushing was slightly easier - she was so little! I couldn't believe at 40 weeks she was only 6 lbs 14 oz. I was much bigger with this pregnancy . Even got few stretch marks this time, along with terrible back and hip pain. I'm attributing all the weight gain to more amniotic fluid (there seemed to be much more this time). It's either that or me eating way too much comfort food the last trimester. Maybe a combo of both.


After a visiting with some family, Nick decided to go back home to make sure Toby hadn't completely worn out his parents. I admit, I was sad to be spending the next two nights in the hospital without him. But after he left, I decided I should just make the most of having my every whim catered to. Some women hate the hospital stay. I milk it for all it's worth. :)

So a funny little side note about my stay: AF Hospital provides a discharge orientation. I really didn't want to have to change out of the stylish hospital gown for a 20 minute meeting so I asked my nurse if I needed to. "Oh no," she replied. "Most everyone comes to the orientation in their gown." Um, no. I arrived to find out that 3/4 of the women were showered and dressed. I shuffled in feeling quite sheepish, especially when I saw some husbands mingled in. I immediately tightened my gown and sat down avoiding all eye contact. Except I couldn't help but notice the girl seated next to me. She not only had beautifully straightened hair, was wearing make-up and some cute work-out clothes, but she did not look like she just had a baby. She was a toothpick. I kept thinking we must have been quite the sight: scroungy, bloated hospital gown girl next to hot, sporty chick. Yeah, not my favorite moment in the hospital. But it makes a great story, right?

There is so much I could say about the days at home, but I'm too tired for the details so the short version is this: There has definitely been some long days adjusting to two kids, mainly because they both demand so much but have different needs. But for the most part its been good. The hardest part is coping with sleep deprivation and the migraines from the lack of sleep. Toby adores Aspen and is becoming more patient with sharing mommy. Aspen's jaundice is still lingering though she has been off the lights for some time. I am currently giving her a bit of formula to see if that can clear it up faster. Nick LOVES not having homework after work (so do I) and is spending all his free time with giving me naps and building a chicken coop. Yes, we will be getting chickens very soon. *sigh* That is also another post I am too tired do write about.

Now I will leave you with some newborn pics of Aspen and me, as well as some pics of the home life.

Aspen May

Deborah May

My little superman showing off at Grandma Rarick's house

May 6, 2011

Love this picture

"And, behold, a woman which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole."
Matthew 9:20-21

Commentary by the artist, Al Young: "Even though this painting portrays the woman who had an issue of blood, the scarlet color of her clothing and the light reflecting in the woman's countenance says something to all of us about our own problems.

We tend to see ourselves--even to define ourselves--in terms of our problems. We live with our problems day in and day out, night in and night out. We puzzle over them, pray about them, strive to solve them, wonder why we have them, and wonder if they will ever go away.

Our tendency to be preoccupied with our problems is so great that if we don't actually have a problem, we turn to our fears and occupy ourselves with worry and dread about problems we might have--defining ourselves in terms of our fears instead of our problems.

In reaching toward the hem of the Savior's garment, this woman is looking beyond her problem and reaching past it. This is a picture of what to do about a problem, any problem. This is a picture of all of us.

The woman in the painting appears at the massive base of a portal which, it can be rightly supposed, rises far above her; far above anything she has any hope of being able to reach. Furthermore, there is nothing in her immediate surroundings that is inviting, yielding, comforting, or reassuring. Even the stones are scarred with age and stories of abuse too dreadful to contemplate.

Nothing in the figure's built environment consists with her nature as a beloved child of our Heavenly Father. She is, in fact, in a traffic area where, if she remains, there is every reason to suppose she will be trodden down. Such is the universal and individual plight of mankind...

...When we see ourselves for what we really are, we realize that we are nothing. Our wisdom is folly. Our knowledge is ignorance. Our strength is weakness. Yet even in the depth of our pathetic extremity, if we turn to Him while He is near, and strive with all of our pathetic might to reach for Him; if all we can manage is the momentary touch of the hem of His garment, it will be enough."

May 1, 2011

Calling all moms

Or experts of infant sleep.

I know I promised a more detailed account of the whole delivery and hospital stay, but right now I am in desperate need of some sleeping tips. Aspen is staying awake a good portion of the night and sleeping soundly through most of the day. Sounds like she just has her days and nights mixed up, right? Well, I am not so sure. She nurses about every 2.5 - 3 hours during the day and then at night she becomes a ravenous eater, nursing about every 1.5 hours in the wee early morning hours. Also, when she is awake at night, she is fussy. Fussy until she passes gas or has a nice poo explosion. So then I thought it must be gas keeping her awake so I have been giving her Mylicon drops before each feeding. That helps maybe a little, but not enough for her go back to sleep. I can't tell if my diet is causing her to be gassy or if she's just getting too much sleep during the day or if she is just extra hungry at night. What I do know is that 4 hours of broken sleep is taking its toll and I feel like a zombie pretty much all day. This is where you come in. I am very open to any of your suggestions/tips/advice/criticism...


One tired momma