June 27, 2010

"Pretty bird. Yes, can you say pretty bird?"

Nick has had his mind set on buying chickens for a few months now. And even though I put the kibosh on that idea a while ago, I tell you I have a husband who's middle name should be "persistence." There is seriously no deterring him once he gets an idea in his head. So when he brought up "the chicken discussion" again I decided we needed to come to some sort of compromise.

The pair of parakeets were the compromise. Nick's boss raises all kinds of birds as a hobby and so he sold us the two birds, the cage, and food, all for $20. What a steal. Oh and I failed to mention all the different birds his boss has: Doves, finches, button quails, chickens, turkeys, cockatiels...are you beginning to understand why Nick has a sudden bird fascination? I just imagine his boss brainwashing Nick all day long with how wonderful birds are for a hobby but secretly just wants to pawn them off on Nick just to be rid of his feathered friends forever. I know, I'm weird.

ANYWAY...the blue one is the male and the yellow one is the female. They are pretty quiet for the most part and entertaining to watch. The blue one is a bit of a spaz and will randomly jump from bar to bar when he gets really excited. The yellow one is very chill. She puffs up her feathers a lot and bobs her head when I play music - which makes me laugh.

We are still at a loss for names, so please help us decide or they will be called "the yellow one" and "the blue one" forever. I like "Mable and Harold" (they just look like a happy, old couple to me) and Nick likes "Edward and Bella" (which surprised me). The other options are "Ringo and Starr" or "Rhythm and Blues." Feel free to put in your two cents if you have some fun names!


The Andersons said...

ahhahah gotta love his boss. i remember he gave us all bird feeders for christmas one year. HAHAHA gotta love brian.

BeeP said...

They are gorgeous! We want to come see- my kids would love them! I like the names "Harold and Maude" or "Benny and June." How fun!

Colleen said...

Nice, I went through a bird phase myself awhile back. We had a parakeet for awhile, then our cats were given back so I sold him to a nice old lady. He was blue like your little guy. I'd get a bird again. They're relatively low-maintenance and bring a little springtime inside during the winter. Congrats on your new feathered friends!

Oh, and I like Jen's names!

Kristina said...

I love them! So pretty. I like Bella and Edward (I think it's funny!) and Mable and Harold. I like that last one because my friends and I named a pair of ducks that hung around the dorms freshman year Harold and Eunice. So those are my votes!

Jessie said...

I'm voting for Mabel and Harold. The old couple idea makes me smile.

Debbie said...

OK so the verdict is: Harold and Mable! Nick isn't in love with the names, but I am. So thanks for the votes! :)