February 26, 2011


I just thought I'd give the scoop on the Sibert residence as of late..

Nick: He is currently carrying a heavy load of 5 classes and working full-time. He basically goes to work at 6:00 am, gets home at 7:00 pm, puts Toby to bed, and then does homework for the rest of the evening. But usually he'll give me 45 minutes - 1 hour of "us time" so we can catch-up or just watch some mindless TV for a bit. Yes, he does all that and he has a gestating wife whose hormones sometimes get the best of her. He's a tough bird. I really don't know how he does it every week. Luckily, come April, he will have a little break from school books and will be welcoming his new baby girl into the world. Can't wait for that day. :)

Toby: My little busy body. Toby has been crackin' us up with some of his funny little sayings. Whenever I ask him a question he likes to reply with a pensive look and "Um...maybe" or "I think so" as if he is giving it a lot of thought. Toby has also recently transitioned to a toddler bed and new room. We painted "the pink room" (girls room from previous owner) to a much more boyish color and Nick's dad built Toby a bed designed after an IKEA bed we liked - which saved us around $100. I will post pics soon. I really have been surprised at how well Toby has slept in his toddler bed. The first week in his new bed he got up early, sometimes around 5:30. But for the most part he has been sleeping all night without any problems. The hardest thing about the T-man right now is is that he keeps catching bugs, one after another. Within a two month period he's had bronchitis, croup, and right now he has the flu. Poor guy and poor us. 'Tis the season for sickness I guess.

Me: The 3rd trimester is proving to be the trimester of exhaustion. Not so much because of the normal aches and pains and sleepless nights, but because of Toby. Between the days of sickness and the days of health, he is one tiring little guy. When I am not up in the night because he is sick, the boy wears me out simply because he is always busy destroying or disassembling something in the house. And he usually gets away with it too because I am too tired to care. I remember my cousin Jessie describing her discipline style her last trimester as "Willy Wonka-ish". That is exactly how I am feeling. Meaning, when Toby is running away from me in a store or at church, I slowly waddle behind him and say, "Stop. Don't. Come back." and make absolutely no attempts to catch up with him. Ah, the joys of being pregnant with a toddler! :)

Baby girl: First of all, I am sorry I never made the official announcement but we did have another ultrasound in January which confirmed we are indeed having a girl. And Nick and I are still deliberating over a name so I apologize that I keep referring to her as "baby girl." The name game has been much more painful this time around, so I think we just might have to see her before we decide if she is a "Melba" or "Gertrude."
And I'm totally kidding about the above names by the way.
Or am I? Muah-ah-ah.
But I can't express enough how excited I am to see her. I will admit, being a bit of a tomboy as a child, I have never been dead-set on having a girl. Sometimes I envisioned myself being perfectly content with raising all boys. But after seeing some of the precious new baby girls in our ward and after realizing how stinkin' cute girl clothes really are, I can't imagine not having a girl now. And have I mentioned that I could not be more pleased with her due date? April is the beginning of warmer days and budding flowers (and hopefully the end of sick days in our home!). April is when Nick will be done with his 5 classes. Woo-hoo! And most importantly, April is when we will finally be to able gaze into our baby girl's eyes for the first time.

In short, April could not come sooner. :)

February 8, 2011

Is it April yet?

Lately, I've really felt like this stage in my pregnancy has been extremely similar to my last month with Toby. Well, I did some digging through old prego pics and behold, exhibit A:

The above pic is me 36 weeks pregnant with Toby. I didn't know at the time but I had 5 more weeks to go (he was almost a week over-due).

And here I am now, just shy of 31 weeks with no idea whether I have 8 or 9 or 10 weeks ahead of me. So basically my tummy now is the same size as it was my last month with Toby. Ahh!!! I'm officially scared of the uncomfortable nights ahead.

My only request baby girl:

don't be a week late.


Your nervous (but very excited) momma :)