June 26, 2014

Family of Five

I know, this post is way late. Most of you already know we're expecting baby #3 on December 31, 2014! What a great way to end the year (or start a new year?). We're very excited!

I am currently 13 weeks and inching my way out of the yucky, pukey, I-hate-all-smells stage.  I'm taking Zofran to keep food down, but even so, my appetite is still a bit fickle. Some days I feel like I can eat anything and am able to have a real dinner with the family.  Other days I'm downing vitamin water and snacking on crackers.  I've lost a little over 10 lbs. It's all good though. Aspen's pregnancy was much harder (I had lost almost 20 lbs at this point in my pregnancy with her).  Plus I know the nausea won't last forever.  

Toby's my sensitive little man. If he sees me cover my mouth, he knows I'm going to throw-up and instantly brings me a bowl. Aspen just likes to stare at me while I throw up.  Good times.  Both of them have been pretty patient with my crazy hormones, too. More than once Toby has said, "So when people get pregnant, they get mad a lot, huh?" Yikes. Sadly, my fuse is much shorter this time around. :(

Nick has been incredibly helpful and a good sport during the weeks of queasiness. On his days off, he'll take the kids on outings, tackle the piles of dishes and laundry, and cook dinner outside on my bad days. Oh and and go get me whatever food I'm craving at that particular moment (veggie sushi, pineapple, chips and salsa). I married a keeper.  
Nick is also pretty set on NOT finding out the gender with this babe - but I'm still on the fence.  Even though we are set for a boy or girl (and excited to have either), I just don't know if I can wait! We have a couple more months to figure out what we wanna do.

Despite the rough first few months, I am ecstatic to be mom again.  I find it a huge blessing to not only get pregnant so quickly, but to be able to have a normal pregnancy (so far, anyway).  I know many aren't so fortunate and on the hard days I try to remind myself of that.  Hooray for normal!

Next week, Nicholas gets his tonsils taken out. OUCH! I've heard that's a brutal recovery as an adult. Wish us luck! 

Catching up

So I'm going to see how many updates and pics I can cram into one post. 
So here....we....go!

May 8th

Nick turned 34! Hooray! He's such a cutie. I'm sure glad he was born. 
We went out to one of his favorite restaurants: Jasmine Lo. Mmmm. Delicious Thai food.

May 14th

Toby's kindergarten graduation from Lakeview Academy.
He has loved his school and has learned a ton.  And we've been very impressed with the teachers and administration.  So proud of my little man!

With the warmer weather, out comes the water toys.  

Toby-man started t-ball! This is first time in it and he loves it. We've asked him if he likes soccer or t-ball and he says "both!" Who knows what my little athlete will end up doing.

June 3rd

Nick and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. Whoa.
 I am still very much in love my Alaskan man. Grateful for our adventures over the past 9 years.

To celebrate, we decided to forgo the fancy dinner and hit the trails.
When Nick and I lived in Anchorage, we loved to go rollerblading on the coastal trail.  We went almost every weekend. Sadly, since we moved to Utah, we've been rollerblading maybe a handful of times.  I felt our anniversary was the perfect time to resurrect this tradition.  

 It was a lovely afternoon with my main squeeze.

June 14th

One of my best friends got married! Kassy and I have been friends since we were 9 years old.  We lived in the same neighborhood for 9 years, were on our high school drill team together, and have remained good friends through the college and post-college years.  I'm so happy she found a good guy like Russ to marry. 

Kas, you made one gorgeous bride! 

Amber is my other lifelong friend. Even though life has taken us different places, the 3 of us have remained friends for 22+ years. No matter how long it has been, whenever we're together, we talk and laugh like nothing has changed. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

June 14th

4 out of 7 siblings came to the Rarick Family Reunion this year. We kept it low key. Had a BBQ, kids played in the water, and we chatted it up for a good 4 hours.
I have one awesome family.

Terry teaching Toby and Aspen how to golf. He said Toby was a natural.

Papa Rarick

Mama Rarick 

Catching a little World Cup

It was a fun-filled day. We missed you Beck, Jake and Mikel!