November 1, 2011

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Halloween 2011

I was so glad Aspen's jammies could double as a costume. :)

Optimus Prime!

He actually wore the mask for most of the evening.

So I just have to put in a plug for our cool neighborhood. Between Toby getting handfuls of candy dumped into his bucket, neighbors giving out homemade donuts and root beer, and then having a flash mob of "Thriller" perform every hour in the park, we had such a memorable and fun Halloween. The Toby-man had a blast.

Hee Haw Farm with Nessa and Jade

Cute cousins

The pumpkin drop.
The one below is close to 900 lbs! Toby loved every minute of it.

A video clip of the pumpkin drop...sorry about my unsteady filming

My little dare devil

Cute Jade. She was saying "Cheeeese!"

It has been a wonderful fall season. Love, love, love this time of year.