June 16, 2010


I felt like I needed to do a little update on our little corgi. We have had her for about 4 months now and are still absolutely thrilled she is apart of our family. She is now house broken and has been since around the end of March. Overall she is a lot of fun, but there were some days and weeks when she was losing her baby teeth that I thought I was seriously going insane. She would tear up Toby's baby toys, my favorite flip-flops, Toby's binky's (*cough* yes, he still has them for bedtime!), and gnaw on our molding or dining room chairs when my back was turned. But thankfully, she is no longer teething and only occasionally dines on a pair of shoes that are left out. My theory is that anything left on the floor is fair game, so we are very vigilant about putting most everything out of reach. I compiled a list of her funny quirks:

  • She likes to be by feet. Whether you are at the computer or laying on the couch she will nestle next to your feet.
  • She's a bit OCD about burying bones. As soon as I hand her a bone, she goes searching through the house for the perfect place to bury it. To date I have found her bones in: a pile of clean laundry, between couch cushions, Nick's armpit (no joke), and some ridiculously obvious places like in the corners of the room or our sandbox. It cracks me up.
  • I am shocked at how much puppies are like toddlers. If I am not paying enough attention to her, she will go into a room, snatch a big "no-no" item, and then dangle in front of me until I run after her. Some days its cute. Other days, extremely annoying.
  • Her nick-name is now Kaya-Papaya.
  • She isn't a yappy barking dog, she is EXCELLENT with kids, and she has a very sweet temperament.
  • She is extremely patient with Toby. She will just lay on the floor and take all his rough play.
  • She loves to herd small children. It's pretty funny actually.
  • Her way of telling us she needs to go outside is by bumping the blinds on the back door with her nose to get our attention. So cute.
  • I know corgi's already look disproportionate (its the most common thing I hear from strangers), but Kaya seems even more imbalanced than most corgi's. Her body is getting bigger but her head is staying the same size. It makes me laugh.
  • She is my buddy when Toby is asleep and Nick isn't around. I am so glad we got her!

One more random thing: I drew this picture of a corgi like 4 years ago (don't laugh, my art skills are VERY rusty) and a friend of mine pointed it out that it looks a lot like Kaya: small head and same markings. Isn't that kind of weird I drew a picture of my future dog, unknowingly? And I didn't even get to pick her out - Nick did. Kinda cool and creepy at the same time I guess. :)


Angie said...

Awwww...makes me want to get a dog! Maybe we'll get one that's already lost all their baby teeth though, lol...She is cute! I didn't know you were an artist...that is one of my hidden talents, but I'm very rusty too...nice drawing!

Kristina said...

She is so cute! I love her already and I haven't met her yet! Our new dog, Ruby, has a fat body and little head too. And we love her just the same.
Pfffft, your art skillz are mad, dawg! I'm serious though. that's an awesome drawing!

BeeP said...

Such a cute. Dog. Your art skills are great! I can't even draw stick figures.