October 31, 2013


Not sure what got into my kids right before we went trick or treating. Both of them refused to smile for pictures. Maybe they were going for...aloof?

Once I asked Aspen if she wanted to go get some candy, she perked right up. 

Most adorable snow angel on the block.

This is Toby's cute friend Jeff - who was also Optimus Prime for Halloween. I'm glad he could get a smile out of the T-man.

I was a tigress...again. It's my go-to costume. The kids like when I at least make an effort to dress-up.

After trick-or-treating, we headed over to the park behind our home to watch the Thriller Flashmob.
We live in the best neighborhood.

 And now the little ones are fast asleep and I'm enjoying some of their spoils.
Happy Halloween!