October 20, 2014

Fall festivities and stuff...

Wow, lots to catch up on!

In early September my family got a visit from our British relatives, John and Sandra Duke.  I haven't seen them since I visited England in 2000. They were just as charming, witty and wonderful as I remember them. And it was sure cute to see Toby giggle when John called him a "handsome bloke." :) Hopefully I will able to make a trip to England again someday so I can spend more time with such lovely people. 

We hit the Alpine Loop a little too early this year. The fall colors weren't so vibrant in September (but now the trees are a gorgeous red, orange and yellow). 
I was able to snap one pic of Aspen by the Aspen trees that I felt was a keeper.

 October 4 was a night to remember. Nick and I went to see the comedian Jim Gaffigan in SLC. One word: hilarious.  A cool perk was that we were in the 3rd row towards the middle. Had awesome seats! If you aren't familiar with Jim Gaff, just watch a couple clips of him on YouTube.  You won't regret it. 

That night was also the beginning of strep throat for me. Holy misery. Being pregnant on top of having strep made my week extra craptastic. 
Just when I started feeling better, both Aspen and Toby got strep and pinkeye. 
Then I got pinkeye.
The fun never ends!
Actually, thanks to antibiotics and a healthy husband who took care of everyone on his days off, we are no longer a germ-fest at the Sibert residence.  For now anyway. 

October marked the end of Toby's soccer games. He had a blast. And I enjoyed watching him.  Every game was so much fun because you never knew what side of Toby you would get to see: competitive Toby, silly Toby, eating pretzels on the field Toby. He's a crackup.

Here's Aspen and grandpa Rarick looking all cute and cuddly on the sidelines. 

Most of you know that I LOVE this time of year. I love the crisper temps, the color changes, baked goods, and hitting the fun fall activities in Utah.

Here we are at Cornbelly's. We got there right when it opened so it wasn't terribly crowded like it usually is. I'm not a fan of crowds normally, but when I'm pregnant I feel like I want to knock out anyone who even grazes my baby bump. So yeah, I was grateful for shorter lines and breathing room as we meandered to each activity.

The kids had a blast.

Aspen is a little obsessed with rainbows right now.  We couldn't refuse having one painted on half of her face.

And Toby, of course, had to go the creepier route.

 Today was the last day of Fall break.  Grandma and grandpa Rarick wanted to spoil the kids at Gardner Village. 

Aspen's other obsession is My Little Pony. So of course gma and gpa paid for her to have a pony ride...

...and bought her Twilight Sparkle...

...and had her face painted. Again.

Oh grandparents. Gotta love 'em.


(And the reason you don't see very many pics of the T-man was because he didn't want to be in any of them. I promise I don't play favorites. Most of the time. ;) )

As far as day to day life, things are pretty good. Thought I'd throw in a couple pics of Aspen and Toby being cute and adorable. Because these moments are few and far between (at least it feels like it sometimes). I've been trying to soak them in and notice them more - which is no easy task when I feel so run down and hormonal all the time.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant. Whoa! The weeks really are flying by. I'm a tad nervous about the holidays. Having your 3rd trimester be during the holidays filled with all kinds of delicious, delectable, fattening foods is a dangerous thing for this pregnant food lover. 
Just don't judge if you notice me gain a ridiculous amount of weight during the next couple of months. ;)


As far as how the pregnancy goes, everything with baby boy is great. He's an active kid already. Lots and lots of nonstop jabs and kicks; much like his big bro. Yikes!
 Seriously though, it's starting to hit home that Nick and are about to be outnumbered very soon. As terrifying as that sounds at times, I really can't wait to meet the little guy. :) Only 10 more weeks (give or take) to go!