June 28, 2010

Family Pictures: Check!

We finally did it! We finally got our family pictures taken. I have been putting this off for a LONG time. I finally just forced myself to set a date and time and now we have some beautiful pictures to put on our empty wall downstairs.

We got them taken through my friend's sister. She is just starting out with taking pictures and isn't interested in doing photography professionally, just as a hobby. But I think she did a wonderful job!

Toby would never look at the camera when we were trying to a family shot. What a stinker.

I absolutely LOVE this one. I just love my boys.

So Nick looks HOT. I have a scrunch face.

I was really hoping to get a good one of just me and the Tobester. One of my favorites. :)

Now he's looking at the camera! :)
You can't deny the cuteness!


Aleta said...

Cute pictures! They turned out really good! I've been in the same boat - I've been meaning to take Holland to get her 1 year pictures taken....a month and a half later, I still haven't done it. I guess I should take your advice and just finally put a date on the calendar!

BeeP said...

Gorgeous photos! I love them! Great great job. You are beautiful.

Colleen said...

You guys are a super cute family. Great photos!

Jessie said...

So fun! We need to do that again, now that it's actually WARM (last time we did it in 10 degrees...mistake).