February 24, 2010

Wait for it

The past few days when I've glanced outside and seen beautiful blue skies and birds chirping in the trees, I get all excited and giddy because it looks like a sunny spring day! So I step outside expecting I'll feel the spring heat warming my back and smell the blooming flowers but then I get shut down with a strong gust of bitter cold wind and I see snow clouds in the distance. *SIGH* Nope its not here yet. In Utah this is the most fickle time of the year with our weather. We definitely have some sunny days, but the moment you step out onto your porch you are nipped with a cold chill and forced to grab a sweater. Then wait about a half hour and it'll be snowing, so you go grab a coat to go over your sweater. Wait a few more hours and it will be raining so you just decide to stay indoors. Then maybe by the end of the day that tricky sun will try to lure you out again, but by this time you've learned your lesson and are just grumbling about how you wish it was spring already. Well at least that's what I felt like today. I am usually pretty good with Utah's weather. In fact, I absolutely love living in a state that has all four seasons (especially after living in one that only has 1.5 seasons. Ugh.) But lately I look outside and I just want to say "Warm up already! I want to wear Capri's and my brand new Old Navy t-shirts! And I want to feel like I only have to throw on a light jacket when I take Toby for a walk or go to the park!!!" I know, I know. It getting closer. Call the Wambulance. But you know what I discovered that has really given me a much needed mood boost? Listening to happy, summery songs!!! Today on the radio I heard three songs that made me totally psyched for flip-flop season and it seriously pushed away my winter blues. And guess what? For your convenience I have put my summery songs on my playlist right now. You're welcome.

So if you are having a hard time with our whimsical weather too, I highly recommend making yourself a spring/summer playlist. And if you really want to have some fun, dance to the songs too. At least that is what Toby and I did when we got home. Hey, don't knock it til you've tried it. :)


Vindie said...

I agree...music makes everything better! I'm definitely getting the itch for spring.

Kristina said...

Spring's my absolutely favorite time of the year! Even though you can't really snowboard or hike. But you can mountain bike! And in Utah you could rock climb, but not so much here.
Thanks for the scriptures. I'm using Mosiah 3:19 now. I think, even though it's not a new scripture ever day, it is better for me to do it this way because I'm truly studying out the scripture in my mind, as opposed to just ripping through a chapter, which I often do.
And I heard y'all might be coming out! I'm so excited!