February 17, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

So we have finally named our new pup. We decided to go with Kaya, and for a few reasons: 1) Toby can say it (though he usually says "Kai-Kai") 2) It's a city in Alaska and a name used for many Alaskan sled dogs. 3) The name means 'stay' in Native Eskimo and we definitely want her to 'stay' with us for a very long time! Isn't she just perfect?

I will admit though, as much as I've wanted a dog, I definitely had my trepidations about how one would affect our day-to-day dynamics. And growing up with dogs my entire life, if there was one thing I remember it was that they take a lot of work and patience - especially in the puppy stage: The house breaking, the shedding, the frequent walks, the chewing up of the slippers....you get the idea. Plus with an extra active toddler, I was worried about how I could keep track of both of them. But the past 5 days with her have been so wonderful. Of course there have been some accidents and some big "no-no" moments - but you gotta expect those. I'm honestly shocked and very grateful with how smoothly things are going so far. I kind of feel like one of those parents who get a really easy baby that sleeps all night and never cries, because she's been so...well... easy. Nick even said the 2nd day we had her: "Wow, she's WAY easier than Toby." She's sleeps in her kennel all night and wines only occasionally, she is already showing that she knows that "outside" is where she is suppose "do her business," and when I am busy with Toby she will curl up underneath our table or by my slippers and sleep.

I feel very spoiled and I hope I don't jinx this easy streak. (Just like when you tell someone your child is sleeping well at night and then that night they decide to wake up every two hours. ha!)

It's interesting that since we have welcomed our new little pup into our home, I have noticed a lot of people have never heard of Pembroke Welsh Corgi's and wondered why I wanted this specific breed. My parents have a corgi named Winston - who I absolutely adore - and so I always told Nick if he ever got me a dog, it would have to be a corgi.

Winston. (Or as my brother Terry calls him: the giant twinkie with legs.)

And just for fun I decided to give you a few fun facts about this lovable doggie:

Did you know?

  • Corgis are one of the most agreeable small house dogs. They are never shy or vicious, but have a vivacious, bubbly, personality that makes you completely fall in love with them .
  • They are the 7th smartest breed out of all dogs. They are extremely intelligent and easily trained. My parents dog, Winston, can shake, sit, speak, play dead, roll over, catch a treat in mid-air, and play hide-and-seek.
  • They are herding dogs for cattle and sheep. Their natural instinct is to nip at your heels if you walk by them too quickly, but with a little work you can train them to resist that urge.
  • Queen Elizabeth owns several corgis. They have been favored by British Royalty for more than 70 years.
So there you have it. Go get a corgi today!


Kristina said...

She is SOOO cute! I love corgis. I think they are absolutely adorable. In fact, I really wanted one, but Kurt is super picky and nixed that. I hope our puppies get to play some day! We're definitely buying one on Saturday!!!! :)

Colleen said...

Love the name! She is darling!

Kristina said...

Ok, I just had to come look at these pics again because she is so adorable. That's all. :)

Angie said...

What a cutie! We have been thinking of getting a dog for the last few years, but I have hesitated for the same reasons that you named...but you certainly give some encouragement! Glad the transition has been so easy...gives me hope!