February 8, 2010

Tomorrow's the big day

Well its not that big of a day I guess. But for me it is. I am finally getting rid of my Mirena IUD! Woo-hoo! No more Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde episodes, no more weight gain (well that's not entirely fair, I did eat A LOT over the holidays) no more fatigue, headaches, nausea, anxiety, or lower back and hip pain ...well...at least until I get pregnant anyway. But at least there will be a higher cause for all the misery then. And honestly I wasn't all that hormonal when I was pregnant with Toby. Mirena made me feel like I seriously losing my mind at least one full week out of every month. I think once I have it removed I might go dancing out of the doctors office similar to Richard Dreyfuss on the movie What About Bob? and sing: "FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

OK probably not since I know I will be in some pain for a little while. But it would be pretty funny if I did, eh? :)

And just for kicks I decided to post a little clip from the movie since its so stinkin' hilarious. Enjoy!


Angie said...

LOVE "What about Bob!" lol...I've never used ANY birth control for 7 years (ok, maybe for about 1 week)...I have always felt that it wouldn't be a good thing for me. I'll do a happy dance with ya! Yay! It's worked out fine for me...no accidents, lol

Debbie said...

Angie- Yeah after this experience I think I will be boycotting all birth control with any type hormone in it. My body + bc = crazy person