February 13, 2010

Our new addition

Nick bought me a puppy for Valentines Day! I am so excited to have her. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (my favorite breed) and only about 8 weeks old. We are still undecided about what to name her so please help us by placing your vote. We want to name her an Alaskan name of some kind.

So far Toby really likes her, but he is definitely having some jealousy issues. I am hoping that having a dog will help get him use to no longer being numero uno, so when we do have our next child it won't be as drastic for him. It's all theory of course. Plus it is SO nice to have someone to distract Toby for a few minutes so I can actually, I don't know, do my hair or put away dishes. :)

This is by far THE best Valentines present ever. THANK YOU NICK!


Colleen said...

Such a cutie! I just googled Alaskan names and came up with a couple of cute ones:

Kaya (stay!)
Miki (little)
Sakari (sweet)
Suka (fast)

It's a start! Have fun with your new addition!

Jessie said...

Are you kidding me?! You got a puppy for Valentine's? Man, that is dang adorable.

I like Sakari is the middle name of some friends of mine (their daughter was born in Alaska). I like it!

Or you can go weird. Our cat's name is Maeby (like "maybe", but from the Arrested Development character). We think it's hilarious; "Maeby no, Maeby come here!" It keeps us laughing. She IS a cat after all...

But a dog deserves a little more respect. So, have fun naming her. I love naming pets!

Jessie said...

Hmm, I should have proofread that last comment. I meant: "I like Sakari. It is the middle name..."
you get the rest.