September 12, 2012

10 more things

I remembered that a few years back I did a little post on 10 random things about Debbie.  Well, I felt the urge to do another - just for kicks.  So here we go.

1 - I have a hard time sharing food with my family.  This sounds horrible as a mom because it is what we do ALL of the time, right?  Nothing is ours - especially when those little eyes lock onto it.  I can't tell you how many times I hide in my pantry to nibble on something or cough loudly when I am opening a package of chips.  And I am the same way with Nick.  He will always give me the last bite of his food, but it takes everything inside of me to share mine.  Ugh.  I'm a jerk.  

2 - I have to get a close parking spot.  I will drive around the lot forever until I do.  It drives Nick absolutely nuts.

3 - I have a fair amount of bad dreams.  Is that normal?  I am still trying to figure out if it is connected to the food I eat.  But truly, I have probably 2-3 bad dreams a week.  And I mean like can't-fall-asleep-for-a-while kind of dreams.  And that is why I will never watch scary movies. 

4 - I can remember very specific details about people and events.  My siblings call me "the steel trap" because I remember things about their childhood that they can't even recall.  My friends just shake their heads when I rattle off stories about what restaurant we went to one time 10 years ago and what we ate and what someone said about the food.... it is both a blessing and a curse.

5 -  I dance in my kitchen. A lot. I think that will probably be something my kids will always remember about their weird mom.

6 - I sing really loud to my music in my car - except at traffic lights.  I'm not that confident.  :)

7 - Before Toby came along, I wasn't a chocolate fan. I never understood why people (women especially) seemed to drool over it and talk about it constantly. I liked desserts like apple pie, peach cobbler, and crème brûlée is actually still my favorite, hands downs. But after I had Toby, something did a 180 inside of me.  I now understand the obsession with things like the Great Wall of Chocolate cake at PF Chang's. And I will eat handfuls of chocolate chips when I need a little chocolate fix - something that never appealed to me the first 25 years of my life.

8 - I don't really consider myself a "road rage" type driver.  I rarely use my horn and for the most part let dumb driving just roll off my back (I do like driving fast though when I am by myself).  However, I am such a grudge holder when people don't give a courtesy wave when you let them in or wait for them to merge or do something courteous. Really, I seriously have thoughts of bashing into them if I don't get that little "thank you" hand wave after I waved them in or let them over. I totally sound like an episode of Seinfeld, right?

9 - I am really good at cleaning last minute.  Should I be a little worried about myself because I get a strange high out of cleaning the house like 20 minutes before company comes over? One more thing that makes Nick a little crazy.

10 -  I can watch my favorite movies over and over and over again.  Nick will invariably roll his eyes when he looks at the DVR playlist and say something like, "You watched that movie again?! How are you not sick of it?"  I don't know.  But I'm not.  Not sure if I ever will be either.


Colleen said...

I love these kinds of posts, so fun! I bet every mom hides from her kids and eats. For me, it's candy. I'm pretty sure the bad dreams have something to do with YOUR HOUSE BEING HAUNTED! Also, Jim's brother used to get terrible night terrors (as an adult) and finally figured out it was caffeine causing them. I wouldn't say I've got road rage per se, but I do use my horn a fair bit. :)

Jessie said...

Hee hee hee, I love this and thinking about you and your lovably quirky self. I am TOTALLY the #1 on the list. I'm glad someone feels like a jerk about the same exact thing. I only eat things in front of the kids that I'm willing to share, and I have secret stashes in my underwear drawer. I buy the kids snacks I don't like, like graham crackers and dried fruit - yick.

The bad dreams is kind of weird. I'd say it's stress-related, and maybe being a light sleeper (are you a light sleeper? Not enough REM sleep?)

Love you!

Annie said...

I like you even more now. Bad dreams are the worst. And so are scary movies.