September 25, 2012

My it real?

Just call me Martha. OK, that is going a little too far. But I will say my family has seen a much craftier Debbie lately. For those of you who don't know me, let me just say I usually have a strong aversion toward anything craft related.  I don't scrapbook, I don't paint blocks of wood, and I don't make baby blankets (but I have the utmost respect for those who do. I just don't have the talent or patience for such things). But give me the right craft (something simple, about fall, or something for my son) and I'm all over it. So enough intro...take a look at my work!

Exhibit A -

My fall wreath.

For a few years I've wanted a nice wreath to display my love for autumn. But I could never find one I liked well enough. And the ones I did like seemed way overpriced.  Nick encouraged me to check out Hobby Lobby - a store I had never set foot in (and I am still wondering why Nick had made it in there before me).  So I did, and discovered that all their fall decor was 50% off! I got the few items I needed and voilĂ ! I now have my fall wreath. And for just over $15.

Exhibit B -

An "About Me" poster for Toby's preschool.

OK so I admit, this one wasn't as simple. I really had no intention in putting so much work into a preschooler poster!  But something flipped the creative switch inside of me and suddenly I became the over-achieving mom for one night. Or a few days. I actually stayed up till 1 am way too late doing the finishing touches, but had so much fun working on it (and by "fun" I mean time to myself to just watch movies and eat Halloween candy). The original plan: just draw a simple picture of a Transformer and few other 'likes' to put on his poster.  What really happened: I spent 3 days drawing Optimus Prime and then at the last minute decided to just print out and color some graphics.

Yeah, my artistic skills are a little rusty.  But it felt good to be drawing again!

Then I found some family pics, printed out some captions, made an 11 pm trip to Smith's for a poster it is:

I showed the poster to Toby the next day and he loved it so much he carried it around with him all morning.  That right there made all the work worth it.


Colleen said...

Good job, Martha. ;) Funny, I'm also anti-crafty (as I'm sure you've heard me say MANY TIMES, ha!) and have been thinking about making a fall wreath. Yours turned out super cute. Love the Toby poster too, you draw a mean transformer.

Vanessa Smith said...

LOL! I love the poster so awesome!

Kristina said...

It all looks great! I'm impressed with your drawing skills. My transformer would've looked like a colorful stick man, at best. And I'm not so much a crafty person either. I consider myself more of a DIY girl. So, I'm all about doing window treatments and refinishing furniture, but don't think you'll ever get me near headbands!

Jenn McGee said...

You are so awesome! It looks great. I didn't know you liked to draw. Boy do I have project for you. Just kidding. I love your wreath!!!