August 31, 2012

Catching up on the fam


 He starts preschool on Tuesday.  He is so ready!

His classic scowl.

I still can't believe next year he will be in kindergarten. What happened to to my little baby boy?


I wish I could say he and Aspen get along swimmingly and play well with each other all the time.  But they don't. They fight a lot. Well, actually Toby just gets really mad and impatient with her toddler tendencies. Every once in a while I catch them laughing together which always gives me a big smile.  


She climbs

onto everything

and into everything

all. day. long. 
(she also likes to put random things in Loki's cage: wipes, pencils, can openers, gum...)

And the tantrums have begun!
But she is very sweet and cuddly and so much fun to dress on Sunday (the only time I bother to doll her up)


He is getting closer to being potty trained, but still doesn't quite have the hang of it.

He does, however, help with cleaning up after a meal.  Lovin' that.

He's adorable.

He's obnoxious.

He's playful.

He's a puppy.

And he is really starting to grow on me, despite all the work he takes. 
Toby and Aspen love him and play with him constantly. Except we just can't wait till he loses his baby teeth. Even just petting him, all he wants to do is bite and man, are those little teeth sharp!  It's pretty funny when I tell him "no bite" and he starts biting the air. He already understands commands like "go potty" when we are outside and "get in your cage" when we are leaving to go somewhere.  It sure helps training a dog that has smarts and is eager to please.    

Nick and I have talked a lot about how much we still miss Kaya though.  We are grateful for the new pup but he definitely doesn't fill the void or take her place. Toby even tells me now and then that he wishes Kaya was still alive (tears my heart out every time).  Kaya will always be missed and hold a special spot in our hearts. :) 

And now for your viewing pleasure, here is a little video of Loki burning some of his puppy energy!

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