September 19, 2012

A little late

 I completely forgot to take the obligatory 1st day of preschool picture.  So this is his 7th day of preschool picture (and as you can probably tell, he was not too thrilled about having his picture taken at first).

Finally he warmed up and cheesed it for me.

He loves preschool and has awesome teachers.  But I really need to get this boy in some sports like soccer or something.  He has plenty of energy to burn. And it's probably the overly-proud parent in me, but I think he will do really well in sports.  Anyone know of something I can register him in?


The Andersons said...

aw I wish you would have put him in soccer! it's fun. but if you check the lehi rec center website they always have stuff going on

Jessie said...

Soccer? Tennis? Annie's physical son did great in tae kwon do.

Cute little preschooler you've got there!