December 3, 2010

Then and Now

So this is me 21 weeks pregnant with Toby...

And this is me 21 weeks pregnant with baby #2 (man will I be glad to finally be able to say his or her name)...

And sorry it's out of focus. All the other pictures I had a weird smile.

I realized two things when I looked at these pictures: 1) I really like my hair darker and I'm glad my bangs have finally grown out. 2) I think I am definitely bigger this time around - although I still get lots of comments on the smallness of my tummy. It's the extra long torso people (which makes it really hard to find maternity shirts that don't resemble a tent). With Toby, tons of people would tell me he was going to be a 5 or 6 lb. baby because of my little bump of a tummy. He was 8 lbs.

Monday is the day, the moment of truth! I feel like I am having another boy, but this definitely has been a much different pregnancy. I honestly have no preference and will be excited either way. Can't wait!

And I just found out yesterday my brother Tim and his wife are expecting their 4th child and it will be their 3rd girl! The funny thing is, Jodi's due date is the same as mine: April 18th! I've always wanted to be pregnant at the same time as somebody in my family, but never thought I would have the exact same due date. How cool is that?


Colleen said...

Wow, if you are bigger this time, you must have been tiny last time! You look fantastic and I'm excited to find out whether you'll break the current trend or not on Monday. :)

Angie said...

You look great! Exciting for you to find out! I can never be "surprised" when there is a way to find out, lol

Jessie said...

Holy fun twin pregnancies! Annie and I got to have one that was 7 weeks apart - it was fun. Although Calvin and Sam don't get along super well yet.
You are a cute pregnant lady! And I'm with you on the long torso thing. No shirts!
With my first baby, I kept trying to take belly pictures at 20 weeks and there was no "bump" yet. I was kind of bummed about it. By the 2nd and 3rd, though, I had a decent bump going by 20 weeks.

And what fun news about Jody!