December 9, 2010

New do and killing time

Nick has wanted to chop Toby's hair for a while now. He doesn't like the pilgrim look, but I think he looks adorable. So yesterday Nick grabbed the clippers and hacked away.

Toby went from shaggy...

(Toby loves to carry around Nicks staple gun - along with any other tool he can get his hands on. Don't worry, I took the staples out) Mr. Clean Cut.

I think he definitely looks older with short hair, but I miss the long locks.

And since its colder outside, my busy little man gets cabin fever with staying indoors most of the day. Hence, we brought in the bike.

I'm still amazed at how well he does on it.

And I had to throw in a random Kaya picture just because she is so darn cute (and the paint roller is another item Toby likes to carry around the house).

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McGee's said...

Oh Toby is looking so grown up! i hate when I get Sean's hair cut and he doesn't look three he looks bigger! :o( I love that he carries tools and other things around because Sean does that too! It was great shatting with you tuesday! Thanks for letting me sit by you! :o)