December 25, 2010

Mr. Krueger's Christmas

Along with It's a Wonderful Life, this is another classic Jimmy Stewart Christmas movie I have enjoyed watching since I was a little girl. Although you can watch the entire movie on YouTube (25 min.), this is one of my favorite scenes.
Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I love this movie too Deb. :) I just watched some of "It's a wonderful life" last night. Remember the part when he picks up the finial on the stairs....who does that remind you of? hehe


Debbie said...

We recorded "It's a wonderful life last night" and are finishing it tonight. I love that part...I would say who it reminds me of but afraid they might be reading this. ha!

My favorite part is when he cuts in to dance with Mary and says "Oh why don't you stop annoying people!" haha!

Kristina said...

That's my favorite Christmas movie! Good choice.