December 8, 2009

One man's junk is another man's...

...Christmas decorations! Actually, my mom's old ornaments and decor is anything but junk. She gave me some good stuff. Thanks to her our house looks so Christmas-y and festive. Take a gander...

Our REAL Christmas tree. :)

Ha! So this is a display of my fantastic needlework skills from the 7th grade! I'm sad to say it probably wouldn't look much different if I made it today.

I tried out the "night" vision on our camera and it didn't work too well.

Much better (and I planned for it to be snowing too).

This was the only place these looked good.

*So just a random tid bit of weather info: we've received about 5 - 6 inches the past couple of days and Nick is LOVING IT. Every conversation I have with him he asks: "is it snowing at home? how many inches do you think we have right now?"

Oh I love my weather man.


Angie said...

Looks VERY festive! LOVE me some junk, lol

Jessie said...

Nice. Very nice.
We have one real Christmas tree. The end. It's not even decorated yet. Man, I'm boring.
Oh, and a homemade angel ornament made by the 4 1/2-year old. Can't forget that!