December 28, 2009

It's the simple things...

...that make Christmas special. I am so glad Toby is at the age where he could really care less about what under the tree. I also love that he cheers for every gift opened - even if its as boring as Tupperware or a Crock pot (those were some of my gifts I let him open). I was just as happy to see them as he was. Well, maybe a little more. I really do love my new stack-able Rubbermaid containers!

But all it took to make Toby's Christmas was a few toy cars, an $8 snow shovel, and some snazzy, rotating kitchen magnets from Grandma Sibert. Here's a couple clips of him with his new toys:

Don't you love the car noises he makes? So adorable.

So he got a few more things like clothes, books, and a singing vacuum (that sometimes drives me up the wall...leave it to the grandparents to give toys like that), but mostly the toys I mentioned above were his favorites.

My top 3 favorite gifts: slippers, Tupperware, AND.....a gift certificate to a spa! YEESSSSS! Can't WAIT to try that one out.

Nicks favorite gift: a brand new laptop that includes a camera so we can skype with my bro Tim and his family. OK so I worded that weird - he didn't get the laptop for the camera, that's just an added perk for me. Blah. I'm so done with writing for the night.

I will say that Christmas was so much fun in our new house with our own little family. I even got the Christmas butterflies the night before. Yes, still a kid at heart I suppose. :)


Jessie said...

So dang cute. I know, isn't Christmas so much better with kids? I think so.

I'm glad my silly comments can give you a lift sometimes. I sure could have used some lifts when I was going through that "dark year", as I call it. Does Toby ever do the thing where if his bed-time schedule is messed up, then he wakes up all night for days afterwards? That's what Cal would do to us. It was like he was punishing us. Needless to say, I was a stickler for bedtime and opted out of many a ward party and other fun things. We still haven't taken them for 4th of July fireworks...that's how insane I've gotten about sleep. I'm obsessed with it. I try not to admit that I'd sell my soul for sleep - but there you have it.

Anyway - thanks for being a good blog pal. And Happy New Year!

Kristina said...

How fun! Looks like y'all had a great Christmas!
Yeah, we have a 9 day residency to do workshops, go to lectures, and create our syllabi for the semester. Then I go home and start the real work. It's going to be exhausting but so worth it!