December 29, 2009

Need to burn off some of those Holiday pounds?

Do we have some answers for you!

Take out all your aggression on some foam furniture. It's cheap, easy, and won't scratch your walls!

By the way- those are "happy" screams from Toby. He really was having a good time!

OR...would you rather beat those bulges running a few laps with "the pusher?" All it takes is a few minutes a day, running back and forth until you are utterly exhausted and you'll be shedding those pounds in no time!


1..2..3..Painter Team said...

In the 'pusher" one he actually seem quite happy. UGH we tried to take family pictures at a studio & cants gave us 2 shots. I was quite frustrated. Anyways, are you uup for Legacy center & swim? I have a 1/2 pass.

Jenny said...

haha! To cute! Oh my goodness he runs so fast!! I can't believe how big he is getting.