October 12, 2008

Feeling nostalgic

"True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well-being of one's companion." — President Gordon B. Hinckley

As some of you may know, Nick and I lived in Alaska for a little over a year in the beginning of our marriage. Although I grumbled to him about the lack of good weather on occasion (OK lets be honest, almost everyday) , as I looked through some of my "Alaska pics" I realized a few things.

1- my hair use to be really blonde! Its almost like I'm looking at a different person. Weird. 2- Nick hardly ever has a normal face in any of the pictures. 3 - I am very grateful to have lived in Nick's native land and at times I do miss living there.
Our first year was pretty awesome. We did a lot of incredible things from staying at Luke's amazing wilderness lodge and going four-wheeling, whale watching, and fishing, to skiing and staying the night at the Alyeska resort, to sampling sushi for my first time (and loving it!), to just the fun weekend things like eating at Mooses' Tooth with friends or rollerblading on the coastal trail.
Now I have got to be careful here because this could honestly get Nick and I into another "Utah vs. Alaska" conversation. So lets just hope Nick doesn't read this post. :) So yes, even though I struggled with being 3,000 miles away from friends and some family, and really missed just a few things about Utah (Cafe Rio, Target, HOT, summer days, waterparks, haunted houses, all 4 seasons - I could keep going but that's a decent list for now), Alaska will always hold a special place in my heart.

Its where I learned so much about myself spiritually because I no longer lived in Mormonville where everyone talks, looks, and acts the same. It challenged me to really question my beliefs and it strengthened my testimony of why I love and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I loved the times when poeple made me stand up for my convictions and defend my values. Alaska is also where I learned how very superficial Utah can be. To steal a line from Nirvana, I would say that the main disposition in Alaska is "come as you are." No one really cares if you just rolled out of bed and went to the store in sweats with no make-up. The people were real and genuine.

Lastly, Alaska is where Nick and I really learned to rely and depend on each other. Granted, my sweet sister Beckie lived about 45 minutes away from us so that helped in times where I needed to vent about how different -and at times challenging- Alaska was for me.

But honestly, I think being away from all that was so comfortable and familiar, from the friends I had grown up with to the co-workers that were like a second family to me, really strengthened our marriage. It enabled me put all my energy and focus into the most important relationship - our own. Don't get me wrong, I did have friends in Alaska- some pretty cool ones that I still stay in touch with. But I left there realizing that my best friend was and forever will be my wonderful- but quirky- Alaskan husband.

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1..2..3..Painter Team said...

hey! Its fun to see your blog & I lke your quote by pres Hinkley-I have never heard it before. Quotes are my life so you might see it repeated on my blog. Anyways, hope to see you & toby soon.