March 27, 2016

8 is great!

The Tobster turned 8 on March 8th! We had a combined friends/family Star Wars themed party on the Saturday before his birthday (his birthday was on a Tuesday). Thanks to Toby's collections of Star Wars stuff, I didn't have to purchase very many decorations. 

I thought the light sabers in the window were a nice touch. :)

On his actual birthday, he and I went to see Zootopia together. It was a fun mommy and son date.

I can't even express how much I love this boy. He has stretched me so much as a parent and as a person. He's my intense boy with lots of intense emotions.  He's always felt everything so deeply -- whether it be rage, sadness, happiness, love. And he's always been my boy on the go who will try anything that involves movement and competition.  He's still my pickiest eater and an expert with rebuttals (which worries me a little) but he is also very sensitive and kind and always worried about how others are feeling.  He still loves to give me hugs all the time and I am truly enjoying quoting movies together and sharing inside jokes now.  8 really is great.

I love you, T-man, and I absolutely love being your mom.

Happy 8th birthday!

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