March 3, 2016

Zack's birthday post

I'm trying to catch up on all my posts.
Zack turned one on December 5! (He is now almost 15 months old)
I could say so much about this cute boy of mine.  He is so easy going, so cuddly, so happy.  Although it took him a good year to get the sleeping thing down, he is now a pretty darn good sleeper. 

 Since it has been 3 months, I don't remember a whole lot about his birthday. We had family over, we ate lots of sugary things and he opened a few gifts.
Oh and we had these cute sesame street cupcakes made. Zack does love him some Elmo.


The best part of any 1-yr-old birthday party is, of course, the exploring and destroying of the birthday cake.

Yes, my child. Sugar is amazing.

I feel bad admitting this, but I've been more emotional about Zack hitting his milestones than any other baby.  The past year has flown by. He finished breastfeeding a little over a month ago.  It was bittersweet to be officially done.  I'll miss that mother-baby bond. (And I gotta pat myself on the back for breastfeeding all 3 of my babies until they were just over a year -- that is no small accomplishment!) Anyway, I sure love my little Zack man. Even though he is now in that busy, explorative toddler phase, he is so much fun.  He laughs so easily and charms anyone he meets with his sweet smiles.  We can't imagine life without our Zack Attack!

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Colleen said...

Aw, cute Zack! And nice work on those cupcakes!