April 29, 2014

The big 3 and bee stuff

Miss Aspen turned 3 on April 18th. We had a fun day! While Toby was on a field trip, we took her and Nick's parents to the Living Planet Aquarium. There's not a ton to see right now, as it's still fairly new, but Aspen still had a blast.  

When we got home we did our usual birthday routine: pizza, presents and then cake (but this year I opted for cupcakes).

She loves dolls.

She wanted to take baby for a walk while daddy and Tobester practiced rollerblading.

Ah, my cute Aspen. She must have her crib filled with stuffed animals and dolls in order to go to sleep. And yes, we're still milking the crib (and Aspen is still milking the binky at bedtime). *sigh* She's still my baby so it's OK, right?

OK feast your eyes on this rare occurrence below. My kids never, (and I mean never) fall asleep in the car (or any public place). Nick and I are always baffled at kids who fall asleep at church or in a high chair because our kids aren't wired that way. It's like they're born with this super alert gene that makes them not want to miss out on anything. Ever. Well today on our way to her 3yr well check-up, I glanced in the back seat and saw this: 

Once we were parked, I immediately sent a pic to Nick. He was just as shocked as me. To be fair, she did wake up almost two hours earlier than she usually does and Toby wasn't in the car to bug her. But normally that wouldn't phase her. She must have really needed it.

My mom says Aspen is just like a mini-Debbie. The pic below validates her claim. When I was little, I would cut out paper wings and tape them to my back in hopes it would make me fly. Aspen seemed to have the same goal when I put on her angel wings (from her Halloween costume). Little moments like this just melt me. 

Not sure if I've mentioned this on my blog or not but Aspen has a speech delay. She totally understands everything we say but can't seem to form the words to say what she wants. We've had her in speech therapy for the past 6 months and I've taught her some sign language and it has helped quite a bit. But can I just tell you how frustrating it is to still not know what my little girl wants some of the time? It's hard on both of us. I know she'll get there. I'm not worried. It's just really hard to hear other kids her age able to say exactly what they want in full sentences while I feel like I'm pulling teeth to get her to say one or two words when I ask what she wants for breakfast. 

I sure love my Aspen though. I can't believe she's already been in our lives for 3 years. We're so grateful for her sweet (and sassy) disposition. Happy birthday, cute girl. 


Now onto the buzz with Nicholas (ha!). Have I mentioned that Nick is a beekeeper? This guy is always full of surprises. When I married him I had not idea he'd become such the little farmer. First with chickens and now bees. I love it though. And he loves his bees.

Below is him holding around 12,000 bees ready to be put into their hive.

A couple of days ago the whole fam went to Provo to watch him work his bee magic. 

Oh and the hives are in the perfect spot. Right up on the mountain. Beautiful.


Nick introducing the queen bee.

It's fun to see Nick so excited about such a cool hobby. Right now he has two hives so we should be getting LOTS of honey when it gets closer to fall. I'll keep the blog updated on all the bee happenings. :)


Ella said...

Ha ha. I have to laugh. When I read the title of this post I thought you were announcing the 'big 3' as in 3 kids. ;) But happy birthday to Aspen! Don't worry, Avella is still in a crib and still uses a pacifier.

Colleen said...

Love the bees and love your sweet Aspen! I think it's awesome that Nick is a farmer. :)

Jessie said...

I, myself, could/can NEVER fall asleep in a public place, or cars or anywhere but my bed. I must have that "can't-miss-anything" gene. Somehow, thankfully, my kids can all sleep in cars and strollers (when they're little). The stroller thing saved us for afternoon church. That must be a nightmare for you. Church messes up sleep routines bad enough as it is, without throwing in a kid who refuses to conk out. Anyway, it's funny the weird things our own kids do differently than others'.
Oh yeah, I'll be milking the crib thing for as LONG as possible with my youngest. I sure hope we make it to age 3! It's the worst when they can get out of bed. I guess that's one of the weird things my kids do (or don't do): none of them have ever climbed out of their cribs. Weird, but great. I do wonder: what is wrong with all you boys, that you haven't had the adventurous spirit enough to climb out? I'm pretty sure I did that before I could walk! Anyway...this is long. I'm tired and rambly.
Happy 3, Aspen! (You know that Annie didn't really start speaking well until after she turned 3, right? And just look at her now!)