March 9, 2014

Sickness, soccer and six years old

So let's just plan on an update every two months. 


February was our month of sickness. Toby came down with a yucky chest cold and double ear infection. A couple days after that Aspen had a fever and sinus infection. Right about then I started feeling really crappy. It started out as a nasty cough, but then I got fever, chills, nausea and really just felt like death. The crazy thing is, just a week before I was bragging to a friend that I don't ever get sick. I even said I couldn't remember the last time I had been to the doctor for something other than a checkup. 

Boy, did that statement come back to haunt me with a vengeance!

After day 4 of this viral nastiness, I broke down and went to the Instacare. Immediately the doc seemed concerned and ordered a chest x-ray. The verdict: freaking pneumonia! I was shocked. And totally eating a nice portion of humble pie along with my prescribed antibiotics.  

Luckily, since Nick has such a great job that gives him 3-4 days off every week, he was able to take care of everything and everyone in the home. After day 7 of pneumonia I felt A LOT better. And Nick was just a little eager to get back to work. I don't blame him one bit after all the nonstop coughing and moaning. 

So moral of the story? Never brag about how healthy you just might get pneumonia.

The last day of February Nick and I went with some friends to see Brian Regan, a hilarious stand-up comedian. It was such a fun night!


Before everyone got sick, Nick had been working on turning our disorganized, ugly coat closet into a beautiful mud room. As soon as everyone was healthy, he continued to work on the major transformation.

This is the before pic (except imagine carpet on the floor, shoes EVERYWHERE and tons of coats and broken hangers)

These are the incredible after pics. 

How amazing is my husband? He just looked at a few pics on Pinterest, made some measurements and went to work. Also, let me throw in that he picked out the fabric for the benches, too. I just told him what colors I liked. He pretty much rocks.

The Tobester started indoor soccer and turned 6 on the same day (March 8th). He was so excited for this day to come that he woke up at 5:30 am. We told him to go back to bed but I honestly think he just waited for us to get up because as soon as I walked by his door (an hour and a half later) he came running over to me and almost yelled, "Is it time for my game now?!"

Toby did great for being a newbie at soccer. And mom got a little teary watching him play. Most importantly, he had a blast. He can't wait until his next game. Yay!

A few hours later, we had a little party with the fam. The lot included: Nick's parents, Tonee and Kiki (Nick's sister and niece), Terry (my brother) and his date Ashley, Vanessa and Carlen and their kiddies (my sister and bro-in-law) and later on my mom showed up. My poor dad had to work. :( We ate a little pizza, Tobester opened some presents and then we stuffed ourselves some more with mint ice cream cake. YUM. It was a very chill, but fun party.

Toby LOVED his Hulk mask with glowing eyes. 

Of course he had to test drive his skateboard almost immediately.

That pretty much covers the happenings. Next post will probably be Miss Aspen's 3rd kiddos are growing up too fast I tell ya. :'(

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Jessie said...

Pneumonia! NOOOO! I'm so sorry. I had that a year ago (as you probably know from the lamenting on my blog). It is the WORST. I'm glad you're better.

And again, that mud room is seriously my dream mud room. Amazing!