August 24, 2013

Toby goes to kindergarten

My little Tobester is officially a kindergartener! I've been perusing through some of the early days with the T-man and I really can't believe how fast this day came.

From Toby's birth until he was around 14 months old, we lived in a rental home in Provo. We had an elementary school right across the street from us and I can vividly remember taking walks and watching the kids run and play on the playground. I also remember thinking I couldn't imagine Toby doing that, it just seemed so far away.

It really feels like just yesterday I was a sleep-deprived mama trying to figure how to get my very sensitive and alert baby boy to sleep through the night.
And now, here we are.

Toby's attending Lakeview Academy Charter school in Saratoga Springs (about 5 miles away). It wasn't something I planned on. I just put his name in the lottery, he got it in, it felt right and now he's going there. So far I'm impressed with the staff, administration and organization of the school. But most importantly, I'm happy that Toby is happy. He's eager to go and comes home smiling. In fact, he was so excited for his first day of school, he told me in the car that he wanted me to just drop him and I didn't need to walk him in. But of course I walked him in and then had a hard time walking away.

So proud of you, my handsome little man.

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