August 19, 2013

Rarick Family Reunion

July 26th and 27th was the Rarick family reunion. Unfortunately, only 4 out of the 7 siblings were able to make it (I like to think Mikel was able to visit for a bit though :) ). This was the first of hopefully many more reunions. We definitely had a blast those couple of days.

Day 1 - Lagoon

The older I get the more I detest the extreme temperatures. It was around 100 degrees while we meandered from ride to ride. 
Way. too. hot. 
But Toby still braved lots of rides and loved hanging out with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. 
Where is Aspen? We felt it would just be a long, hot, and miserable day for her. So we hired, Cassie, a favorite babysitter, to watch her for the day at our home. They had a much cooler (temperature-wise) fun-filled day.

Day 2 - Hangout at the Center!

We had plans to do some water games and a BBQ at a park. Good thing my mom plans ahead and reserved the Stake Center in case of inclement weather. It poured all day long.

So some of you know my family, some of you don't. Thus, I will give a run down of names and ages:

Mom and Pop: Pam and Kevin Rarick - age 65 and 67, live in North Ogden

(I don't know how I managed to not take a picture of my mom...what kind of daughter am I?)

Beckie - age 41, lives in Palmer, Alaska (absent)
Jake - age 38, lives in San Diego, California (absent)

Terry (goes by Terence) - age 37, lives in South Jordan, UT (he HATES having his picture taken, ^ this was the only one I could get)

Tim ^ - age 35, lives in Rexburg, ID
Mikel - should be 33 now, lives in Heaven :)
Me - age 30, lives in Eagle Mountain, UT
And last but not least...

Vanessa ^ - she turned 25 on Day 2 of the reunion, lives in Eagle Mountain, UT
So that's the fam at a glance.

We had an obstacle course and some guess-who games (my mom read off certain attributes/talents about all of the siblings and our kids had to guess who she was talking about).

Brother Tim serenaded us with a little Coldplay...

Most of time though, the kids just ran around and played with each other and toys, courtesy of the nursery.

Some random pics of Ness and Tim...

Aspen and Eleanor. Born about 2 weeks apart.

After the Stake Center shenanigans, we headed to my parents neighbor's home to swim in their pool. 

Always fun hanging out with my hilarious, movie-quoting, awesome family. We sure missed those who weren't able to make it though. 

And here are just some randoms from the summer. Enjoy.

Toby starts Kindergarten on Wednesday! You better believe I'll be documenting that day. :)


Colleen said...

Family reunions are the best. Looks like you guys had fun.

Pam said...

I love all the pics Deb. You did a great job putting this together!
Mikel talking, "oh you are so clever, oh you are". .

Jessie said...

So fun to see you all again! What a good idea.
Your parents have a pool?

Debbie said...

Jessie, it was my parents next door neighbors pool. (I wish it was my parents pool. Then we wouldn't have their neighbors staring at us while we swim. Yes, it was slightly awkward)