January 7, 2013

Just cuteness

Toby's been saying the most adorable little things lately...

His wonderful primary teachers brought over some Snowman Soup (hot cocoa w/marshmallows) a few weeks ago.  I made him a cup and half way through drinking it he looked at me big eyes. "Mommy, did I just drink a snowman?" "Yep," I smiled. Then he smiled. "That is so...awesome!"

This one actually happened towards the end of the summer. Nick and I had just tucked the kids in bed and then a few minutes later we heard Toby crying. Nick ran up to his room and asked what was wrong. Through his sobs he said, "I miss Kaya.  I can't wait till I see her again."  Ouch. Always my sensitive little soul.

And also a little charmer.  Lately, he's been buttering me up with things like "You're gorgeous, mommy. You're just so beautiful." And for some reason he says this when my hair is in a greasy ponytail and I have little or no makeup on. He is precious.

"Ridiculous" has become a new favorite word for him (except sometimes he has a hard time with the "L" in it and it sounds even cuter).  "I can't find my Transformer! This is so ree-dicurous!"

As I was tidying up the basement, Toby suddenly shouted at me "Mommy, I'm impressed with your bottom!" (our alternative for butt). I laughed so hard. And I'm hoping this doesn't become a pick-up line during the dating years. :)

I love that little guy.  I gotta say, I'm a big fan of this 4-almost-5 age.


Colleen said...

Oh, yes. Four is a good age. Three is worse than two, but it's all uphill from four. Of course, Elijah is only seven, so I still have all the teenager stuff to look forward to. :) Love little boys and all their sweetness. Elijah always says, "I love you, my lovable mama." :)

Jessie said...

LOOVE the kid quotes. I'm so glad he's past that toddler and 3yo phase. It should get better from here on out as far as high maintenance stuff goes. Still, it's never easy.

You're such a fun mom!

Jessie said...

Oh, I should have read the first comment before I commented. I basically said the same thing...and my oldest is 7 too, so I'm like Colleen's twin or something.

Kristina said...

Those are awesome! I saw on Pinterest to make a book with your kid's quotes. You totally should because Toby says the best/funniest things! My favorite is how impressed he was with your butt. Toooo funny!