January 1, 2013

10 Things I Miss About You

1 - Mikel could make anything funny.  Our family probably has way too much sarcasm flowing through our veins anyway, but whenever Mikel was around she brought our chuckles to to next level of hilarity and it wasn't long before we were wiping tears from our eyes. Her off-beat comments and quirks were one of a kind and so very missed.

2 - She had great comedic timing with movie quotes. And not the quotes everyone knows, it was usually some random, obscure ones that were made awesome by Mikel. Gosh, I miss that.

3 - I miss the 80's songs that played every time someone called her phone. "Rio" by Duran Duran was the last one I remember hearing.

4 - I miss her great taste in music.  She introduced me to Death Cab for Cutie and their songs will always, always make me think of her.

5 - Mikel was exceptionally gifted with those mentally and physically disabled. She worked with them for several years and was phenomenal at nurturing and loving each person in her care.  She even brought some patients to a few of our family dinners and to watch how tender and sensitive she was with each individual was truly moving.  I miss her big heart.

6 - I miss her flawless, creamy complexion.  Her skin was like porcelain...rarely ever saw a blemish.

7 - I miss her knowing when something was wrong.  She was so in tune and ready to help whenever anyone was even just a little down.

8 -I miss seeing her with her daughter, Azia. 

9 - I miss her playing with my kids and seeing them grow old.  She always seemed to know how to crack Toby's shyness and get a good belly laugh or at least a smile out of him. 

10 - I miss her love for everyone.  She had a way of making anyone feel comfortable and loved.  She never judged and always kept an open heart and mind.  She taught me so much with her Christlike love.

I miss ya, big sis. The family is just not same without you, but I am so grateful to know that someday we will, (we really will!) get to see you again.  
And I know you are lovingly watching over each of us until that day comes...