February 3, 2013

Little Debbie

This little gem of a journal came in the mail a few days ago.  My mom likes to send me random pictures and journals from when I was little. I love it.  This might be totally boring to you, but I got a good chuckle reading about my 11-year-old self. I discovered I am pretty much the same person in many ways (sadly, even my handwriting has not changed much).


My mom slipped this dog drawing in there. When I see pictures like this I feel so guilty about not keeping up with my artistic skills. Story behind it: One of my dad's coworkers saw a picture of a black lab I drew and wanted me to draw his german shepherd.

 So the only thing from this ^ that is different from 30-year-old Debbie is I that I'm not really a lover of science anymore.  I think the only reason I put that as my favorite subject was because at the time I was fascinated with the planets and learning about animals.  And yes, I really had cheetah shirts.  Not spotted, girlie shirts but over-sized t-shirts with cheetahs on them that I wore with black leggings. Awesome huh?  OK, and I'm not a huge fan of Robin Williams anymore either.  I think in those days he was big in animated movies like Aladdin and FernGully.
I still love watching reruns of said favorite TV shows though. :)

 My taste in music has changed a bit, but I am not ashamed to admit that when I feel nostalgic I turn up the radio whenever I hear Amy Grant's "Baby, baby." :) Still love Roald Dahl, Mexican food, Christmas, and writing in my journal. And don't you just love my specificity on my favorite time of day? I am not sure what I was doing at 2:00 pm that was so great, but lunchtime - or any time that involves food - is still a "favorite time of the day" for me.

 Two things that made me smile: Tim "never gets emotional." What?! That is pretty much the opposite of Brother Tim. And I love how I describe 5-year-old Vanessa as a "caring young girl."  I sound so wise and grown up, don't I? :)

And here is a great picture of the fam taped below their descriptions.  Not sure where Jake is. And I think my mom must be in her first trimester with Nessa.


  So there you have it.  All you ever wanted to know (or maybe didn't want to know) about Little Debbie. :)


Colleen said...

Adorable! I love how after your descriptions of each of your siblings, you put "I love him/her." So cute. And I would love to see you in a cheetah shirt. :)

Jessie said...

I LOVE it! I've been wanting to hook up our new scanner from Christmas and get some old timey things going on the blog, too. So much fun!

Oh, and in that reunion picture from FB - that was, in fact, Annie with her head turned.

Vanessa Smith said...

Hahaha! That is awesome. Mom sent me mine too! And your handwriting really hasn't changed much LOL!

Jenn McGee said...

Oh so awesome!! My mom made me take home my stuff this pass Summer because obviously we are not going anywhere. :) I found my old journals and oh man the things I wrote about than are too funny now. I loved watching Wings and Saved by the Bell, too! I did like how you loved each sibling!! So fun!

Kristina said...

Hilarious! I love reading old journals too. I loved that Wings was one of your favorite shows, because it fits in so well with Saved by the Bell and Full House.

Angie said...

Oh my gosh, how cute! And I TOTALLY have that SAME book, lol! Love it!

Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

haha so cute!! I remember your cheetah shirts - I was always so jealous of your style!! :)