December 21, 2012

Love me some Flowers

Not sure how this event escaped from being documented. I went to The Killer's concert with my sister, Vanessa, on November 30th.  The lighting, the special effects, the music, and of course, Mr. Flowers, were all phenomenal! It was a fun evening for two mom's trying to reclaim their youth. 

Well, maybe just me. Vanessa's still a youngin' in her 20's. :)

Yep, I've discovered Instagram on my phone. 

I love Nessa! We have our own sister language and inside jokes. 
Now if only the two other sisters could have joined us...then the night would've been complete. :)

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Colleen said...

Such a great concert! The highlights for me were the confetti (what is more magical than metallic confetti falling from the sky?) and of course Brandon Flowers and his infectious smile and fantastic voice. So fun!