August 31, 2012

Summer snapshots

Thanksgiving Pt. Farm Country

 Toby and his buddy Canton

 Deborah and Debbie

 Cowabunga Bay

Nick's work rented out this very cool water park for the afternoon.  We had a blast.  The best part? No lines!  And the fact that it was completely paid for is always a huge bonus.  Toby went on nearly every slide in the park and Aspen loved the kiddie area. It was a great family night.


Toby and Nick went to Yellowstone with Nick's parents and cousin Kiki.  I opted out because, well, the idea of driving long hours with a 16-month-old and probably getting little or no sleep in a crammed camper sounded just slightly unappealing. I am not an adventurous mom.  And I know eventually we will be able to go together as a fam when Aspen is a little older. Babies and camping just don't sound like a winning combo in my book.
Toby had fun with his daddy and I loved my one-on-one time with Miss Aspen.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

My brother from Rexburg (left) and sister from Alaska (far right) came down a couple weeks ago. The pic below is 4 out out of the 7 siblings. It's always bittersweet when we get together because we are acutely reminded of Mikel's absence.  We try keep her memory alive by quoting favorite movies and reminiscing the good times.
Life is sure a lot less colorful without you, Mikel.

Tim, Vanessa, Me, Beckie

8 of the 22 cousins.

Aspen and Eleanor (they are about 2 weeks apart)

Discovery Gateway

Neptune Park

It has been a fun summer, but I am looking forward to my favorite season: fall! Bring on the cooler weather, cute sweaters, corn mazes, and autumn leaves!

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