November 1, 2010

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Yes, my little man was the radioactive spider for Halloween. I know I am biased, but I thought he was so stinkin' cute. Nick and I chose the costume, but he has liked Spiderman ever since I came home with Spiderman band-aids. I even found the original Spiderman cartoon on YouTube and let him listen to the opening theme song. The next few days he wandered the house singing "Spiderman, Spiderman, does what a spider can..."

Suitin' up with daddy. I swear I didn't plan this but if you look closely at his shirt underneath you will see it says "Mommy's Super Hero"

My mom says the above picture looks just like me when I was Toby's age.

Hamming it up.

Like many parents, I could only get him to wear the mask portion for a few seconds.

But it was long enough to for him feel "Spiderman-ish" and start shooting webs out from his hands. Or try to.

Nick had to carve an Oregon Ducks pumpkin in hopes they would crush USC in Saturday's game.

I guess it worked because not only did they beat USC 53 - 32, but Oregon is now #1 in the nation.
Go Ducks!

Our Halloween (or Halloween Eve, depending on whether you live in Utah or not) basically went like this: We went to the ward's chili cook-off/carnival where I devoured 3 (yes three!) bowls of chili. It felt SO nice to eat and actually enjoy what I was eating. Then after a down pour of rain, we went trick-or-treating for a good hour and a half. And then I was done. Luckily, so was Toby. After we put him to bed, Nick and I ended the evening with watching the Oregon game and eating lots of left over candy.
I love Halloween.


The Andersons said...

LOVE IT! he's the cutest spider man I've seen. he is so stinking cute. LOVE IT!

Colleen said...

He did look dang cute! And I'm totally with you on the chili. It was so good! I ate a ton.

BeeP said...

He was a cute Spidey!!!