October 19, 2010

"My brother...the docta!"

Well, not quite. But he is well on his way (by the way, the above quote is from the movie The Burbs - an awesome 80's flick I highly recommend watching this Halloween season).

Almost 2 years ago I blogged about visiting my brother Tim and his family in Manhattan, KS. At that time he was graduating with his masters in "Family Studies and Human Services." Now he is extremely close to getting his doctoral degree in "Life Span Human Development." Recently he received some exciting news. And since I promised some more upbeat posts I thought I would share and brag a little about my talented older brother. So here I go: Tim was offered a teaching position at BYU-Idaho as well as a counter offer for a permanent full-time teaching position from Kansas State - the University he is currently attending . Of course, I am rooting for BYU-Idaho because I would like him to be a 3 hour road trip away instead of a 3 hour plane ride away. But no pressure, Tim. You do what you feel is right...even if its costs you the love and respect from your favorite sister.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

No, I'm not. Choose BYU-Idaho, dang it!

I really am proud of him no matter what he decides. He was the first in our family to get his Bachelors (though my sister, Beckie, is soon the be the 2nd!). The guy has come a LONG way and definitely "took [the road] less traveled by." He is a father of 3, he teaches early morning seminary and 2 classes at K-State, and has taught both guitar and tennis lessons on the side to earn a little extra $. Oh and did I mention this was a guy that barely graduated High School? He is pretty much amazing and I'm extremely happy for him and his family.

And lets not forget his wonderful wife, Jodi, who has stood by his side through it all. HUGE standing ovation for her. :)

I'll give you an update when I find out which position he chooses.

Congrats to you Tim and Jodi!

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Jessie said...

Woo hoo! That really is impressive. I'm so proud of you, Tim! You'll be the coolest professor ever.