April 28, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Lately the common saying: "Time flies" has been really hitting home. The other day Toby ran up to me and threw his arms around my neck. He was dressed in his mini tie and adorable white button-down shirt. I had to blink back the tears because in that millisecond my mind flashed forward to a much older Toby. One that didn't sit on my lap anymore while we read books with his bulldozer PJ's or have a pretend conversations on his play phone. I saw a young man asking me for help with his homework or telling me about his date for the Prom.

So lately I have been trying to crystallize in my mind all the quirks and funny things about my little man that I know someday will be gone. Here are just few:

  • You know how some people have a personal bubble they don't want you to invade (like standing too close)? Toby has an imagination bubble with boundaries. Sometimes he will be in the "Toby-Zone", talking on his play cell phone or singing a song to himself. Whenever I try to pretend I'm on the other line talking to him or sing along with him, he gets really upset. He puts his hand up and says, "STAY!" As if he is saying "Stay out of my imaginary world! This is my time." It cracks me up more than anything.
  • I have counted 8 little freckles on his nose. So cute! He is looking more like a little boy every day. *sniff*
  • Toby has no fear. His favorite activity would probably be taking all the couch cushions off our couch, climbing onto our windowsill and plunging into the pillows without a second thought. He's my little Evil Knievel.
  • Toby is a screamer. I still haven't heard a child equal to his lung capacity. One of my biggest challenges is when we are in the car and he feels the need to scream everything he says to me. He starts out singing the ABC's normally: "A-B-C-D-E-F-G..." but by the time he gets to "Q-R-S" he is screaming is at the top of his lungs and head banging (literally hitting his head against his car seat). So I will try to distract him with "What does a duck say?" He makes a noise like a duck with an anger problem: "QUAAAAAAAAACK!" Then I will make a futile attempt to quiet him down and whisper: "Toby can you talk soft like this?" He screams: "SOFT!" There are some days I feel I have lost my the hearing (and my mind), but I just know there will come a day when I will be telling him all these stories and having a good laugh together. Until then, I think I need to invest in some ear plugs. :)
  • Toby loves my hair. Before he goes down for his nap or for bedtime, I will cradle his long body in my arms and he will stroke my hair until he is almost asleep. I love it.
  • Toby is such a charmer and social butterfly. Whenever we are in a public setting he will go out of his way to say "Hi" to everyone that passes by. Even when people try to ignore him he will make sure they hear him by leaning out of the cart and repeating, "Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi." until they finally look at him.
  • Have you ever seen those fainting goats? They are goats that when startled will freeze up and suddenly fall to the ground. Toby does something similar when we are outside playing, except he is throwing himself to the ground and rolling around just for the fun of it.
  • I don't know if it's possible to have a more affectionate toddler. I get at least 20 hugs and kisses from him a day. Since he was a baby one of his many nick-names is "snuggles."
Toby, thanks for making life more colorful and giving me a reason to laugh and be kid almost every day. I love you, my wild little guy.

The picture below pretty much epitomizes Toby's personality. LOVE IT.

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Colleen said...

Love it! So cute! Elijah used to start talking to himself and if I would try to respond, he'd say, "I'm not talking to you Mom, I'm just doing a story." Funny little boys.