April 30, 2010

Little gems

My sister, Beckie, found this incredible article from 1982 (the year I was born) about my British Grandmother, Eileen Rarick. I just gobbled up these few paragraphs about her because I have very vague memories of her since she died 6 years after I was born. For those of you who don't want to read the article I will just give you a brief synopsis: She married my Granddad Rarick when she was 18-years old. He was in the U.S. Military so she traveled the globe with him and they raised 6 children together: two in England, two in the U.S. (one being my dad), one in France, and one in Germany. Then at age 56 she, along with my two aunts, received her Bachelors in Leisure Services from Central Washington University. I love the quote in the article from my Granddad about her: "She's very quick. She's very witty. She's got a mind that snaps like a rubber band. She is a very pleasant lady. She had to be to stay with me."

Whenever my dad would tell stories about my Grandma Rarick, he always mentioned her witty British humor (something I think my dad inherited). To this day, my family has deeply embedded British pride. I, myself, have visited England twice - once when I was 12 and again when I was 17. I loved spending time with my British relatives and gleaning them for tid bits about my dad when he was a young boy living in England. I loved the rolling green hills, breathtaking castles, and charming little towns littered with thatched-roof houses and cobblestone paths.

Hopefully someday I can make a third trip over there with my own family.

And if you would like to read the article, just click on the link below. It's called: "She literally bombed out but she's back." Scroll up a bit and you will see a picture of my Grandma and Granddad Rarick and two Aunts. So neat!

Ellensburg Daily Record - Google News Archive Search

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Colleen said...

Loved the article, and those pictures are GORGEOUS! Makes me want to travel!