January 13, 2010

Resolutions, Shmesolutions

So I have never been big into making New Years resolutions. I've always thought they are just a set-up for failure. I know, real positive thinking right? But out of nowhere I've had this really strong desire to set some goals and work towards them. Lately I seem to be floating and have been giving my time away to things that are of very little importance like....FACEBOOK *cough*. AND I felt like the only way to make me accountable is to post my goals for all 5 of you who read my blog.

1- I want to get back into shape before I get pregnant again. I know it sounds counter intuitive in a way because I'll just be gaining back the weight once my appetite returns in the 2nd trimester (and boy does it come back- it's like I'm eating for 3).... BUT I know it will be that much easier to lose the baby weight once I've had the baby AND I really feel like I want to be as healthy as possible before I carry another human inside of me. So I am committing myself to 3-4 workouts a week.

2 - As much as it pains me to say this, I need to get to bed by 11:00 every night. I am so much happier the next day when I do. Not to mention I have more energy, I have better eating habits, I feel the spirit more....the benefits definitely outweigh my desire to watch Conan or read. Ah nuts.

3 - I need to commit myself to writing at least 3 hours a week. I have some projects I am working on that I am way to private and self-conscious about to divulge further details, but I will just say that I need to get the writing juices flowing.

4 - I need to eat more fruits and veggies and cut back on the sweets. You wouldn't believe the sweet tooth I have and the lack of self-control I don't have. From now on, only 1 sweet a day. Oh man...this one's going to be hard!

Alrighty then. That about wraps up my goals. Better go start my exercise tape before I get distracted by something pathetic like Facebook or the dirty dishes that have been sitting in the sink all day.


Colleen said...

Yeah, I'm totally in the "Shmesolutions" camp. Good luck with all of your goals! They're all ones I need to make as well, but I'm sticking with my "do Wii Fit every morning" goal. And that is all.

Kristina said...

Good luck!! You can do it!!
You love sweets and stay up too late reading?? You're a woman after my own heart. :)

Karisty said...

I think those are great goals. I like to call mine yearly goals not resolutions. I also don't make mine so hard that it's impossible to reach. They're a stretch for sure but doable and I make a plan for how to accomplish each based on every 3 months or so. So my sewing goal I'll have a certain amount done by March or April and so on so I don't forget about it and it's not overwhelming. Same with cooking/baking and working out. I'm excited for you.