January 25, 2010

If iPods were around in the 90's...

...these songs would've been on mine:

Never There - Cake
Buddy Holly - Weezer
Wonderwall - Oasis
Everything to Everyone - Everclear
Open Up Your Eyes - Tonic
8:16 AM - 311
Take a Picture - Filter
Needs - Collective Soul
How's it Gonna Be? - Third Eye Blind
Ana's Song - Silverchair
Lightning Crashes - Live
Satellite - Dave Matthews Band
Glycerine - Bush
When I Come Around - Greenday
Brick - Ben Folds
Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
Alive - Pearl Jam
Leave Me Alone - Natalie Imbruglia
Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette
Shimmer - Fuel

A couple nights ago I made the 40 minute drive from Eagle Mountain to Provo to hang out with my sister, Vanessa. I drove Nick's rickety car - complete with no CD player and fuzzy radio reception. I hit the seek button until I found a song that I could tolerate. I swear I am getting old because as I became increasingly annoyed with all the new 'hit songs' that blared from every station, I said something reminiscent to what many parents might say to their teenagers: "Ugh, I hate all the crap they play on the radio today. It's not even music." Suddenly, I was pleasantly surprised to hear some favorite songs from when I was a young teenager during the 90's. I loved it. Every word from every song came back to me and I was flooded with memories of Junior High and High School. I smiled to myself as I thought about how I use to carry around a huge Discman on family vacations just so I could get my music fix.

Well, thanks to modern technology I can now share all my favorite songs of yester year with you. Hope you enjoy!


Colleen said...

Looks like we had pretty similar music taste back in the day - good playlist!

Rachel said...

WOW! I had forgotten how much I LOVE Ana's Song!! *Sigh* I may not miss the 90's but I do miss the music. I do have some of this on my ipod, but I lost a lot of it when my ipod dumped itself...grrr

Emily said...

I love your selection! I might go on to the i tunes store and buy some of them. But, you know when you are freakin old when they play those songs on flash back hour on the radio station....they treat them like they dug them out of the deep and dusty archive called "OLDIES."

Jessie said...

Ha ha, you rule! I also can't stand the radio hits these days and it's making me feel old, too.