January 21, 2010


So the other day when I was out-and-about running my daily errands with the T-man, I realized how many cute little nicknames I have for him. I decided to make a list of them so I would never forget this priceless time in his life where I can call him whatever affectionate name I want and he has no objections. I have also added the names some of my siblings call him.

My names for Toby since he was a baby:

Marshmallow man (back when he was exploding with chub)
Angry Elf (I would actually quote the movie Elf when he started to fuss: "He's an angry elf!")
Bubba or Bubs
Baby Bird has evolved into Birdie

My brother Tim's names:
Toblerone (like the Swiss chocolate bar)

My brother Terry's names:
The Tobbler

My sister Vanessa and her husband:
Toby Toberman

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Jessie said...

So cute. I love the many little nicknames kids bring on themselves. And each one brings a whole new set of them. I think it's a little sad when I hear of those families who are anti-nickname. You know, "It's Joshua, not Josh". Yikes.

I totally call Eli "Snuggles" all the time.