October 6, 2009


After months of snubbing the Twilight series, I finally gave in. To be honest, I am not someone who likes to read books because of the absurd popularity or because its the latest craze - "Everyone is reading it!" In fact, whenever I saw or heard about the people that called themselves "Twi-hards" it just fueled my extreme distaste towards the books. I just rolled my eyes and thought to myself "That is exactly why I will not succumb to these books. I refuse to be sucked in!"

Well, my resolve weakened after I saw the movie back in November of last year. I admit, there were some cheesy parts that had me laughing out loud AND since it was a low-budget film the special effects were definitely not the greatest. But I was genuinely intrigued by the storyline. And-not that this has anything to do with the book itself- but I LOVE the soundtrack to the movie (who wouldn't with Muse on the list of bands?). Later my sister, Vanessa, who is not at all a "Twi-hard" but a big fan of the series gave me a more in depth account of the characters and plot. I trusted her opinion and my interest was definitely piqued. "Alright," I resigned. "I will read the only the FIRST book."

So last week my VT companion was kind of enough to lend me her copy of the book (which is actually autographed by Stephanie Meyer herself), I curled up on the couch and let the pages work their magic. I am not someone who reads books all in one night because I like to digest and analyze everything in each chapter so I am only about 200 pages into it (what can I say? I am a slow reader and I have a very active 19 month old) BUT I will admit.....the book is fascinating and definitely entertaining. No doubt, a page turner. In fact as soon as I finish this post I am going to assume position on the couch and pick-up where I left off. But there are a couple things in it already that have been a bit of a turn off for me. Characters are a HUGE part of a story to me. If I don't like the main character or don't relate to them at all, I immediately want to stop reading. So here are my hang ups. Hopefully I am not alone in my assessments and I do apologize ahead of time if I am offending anyone or ruffling feathers.

1- I have talked to a few people about this one and its nice to know other share my opinion: Bella is completely uninteresting and annoying to me. Her character is so blah. She's not into sports, dancing, trying new things, going new places, or just being happy in general. Plus I think her clumsiness is just a bit over the top. Almost every scene is her tripping or stumbling over something- a trait in my opinion that is way overdone with portraying average young girls in several books and movies today. Maybe she is just an acquired taste, but so far I find myself becoming extremely irritated that the only thing she is passionate about is a pasty white immortal dude. I want to say to Bella "Get a hobby, take some Prozac, just do something that makes you a more interesting and like-able person."

2- Edward. Ah yes, the beautiful, luminous, and seductive Edward. Every woman's dream: ridiculously good looking (perfect face, smile, body) very intelligent and articulate, well dressed, musically talented, and of course, loaded. But while those traits are definitely alluring, I am more intrigued by his dark side. The side he is constantly battling during his encounters with Bella. That is what makes for great reading (to me anyway). But, there are a few things about him that I kind of shake my head at and do not understand why he is hailed and obsessed about by SO many women. Does anyone else notice he is very condescending, dominating, and gets easily annoyed with Bella in almost every conversation they have? I know he has this inner turmoil of wanting to protect Bella yet he can't stay way from her and I know he hates himself for being a vampire, even considers himself "a monster" but seriously his moods are completely out of whack. One minute he is chuckling at Bella's clumsiness, the next baiting her with his mysterious ways, the next rebuking her when she becomes close to discovering his identity. To be honest his fickle moods freak me out way more than the fact that he craves human blood. But despite his hot and cold behavior, I like him much, much better than Bella.

So basically those are the only turn offs for me so far. The book definitely leaves me thirsting for more (no pun intended) at the end of every chapter and its been a great diversion for me after I put Toby to bed. The highlight of my night actually. I'll give you my final critique when I finish it (which could very possibly be this weekend).


Jessie said...

I'm embarrassed to say I enjoyed those darn books. I don't like to admit it. I call the series "book candy", because there's really no great literature happening, just fun to read stuff.
I totally agree with your assessment so far. Bella is SOOO lame and boring. But I loved Edward. I read it for him. And, like you, I didn't just love his dreaminess, I loved his inner struggle. The best characters in the series are the Cullens because they have depth and are able to sacrifice for themselves and for others. The humans take a back seat in the series, I think.

But enjoy! The story is pretty darn fun, and the Cullens are great.

Don't tell anyone I told you so.

P.S. I couldn't stand the movie. Bleh. But it gave me, my mom, and my sisters a good laugh, which is important...you know...laughing together.

Colleen said...

So? Did you finish the whole series? The last book was pretty much awful, but I definitely got into the Twilight craze. (Though I wouldn't consider myself a Twi-hard).

I completely agree about Bella. Couldn't. Stand. Her.