October 17, 2009

Fall pics and Pumpkinland

Over the weekend I had my mom snap some fall photos for us. We didn't feel like trekking all the way to Sundance just to capture the beauty of Utah's fall colors, so we went somewhere a little closer to home - our front yard. We've got some gorgeous autumn trees just outside our window, so we decided to take advantage of their vibrant orange and red colors while we still can.

We also visited Pumpkinland in Orem with my mom and dad. It was our first visit there but I can tell it will probably become a yearly fall tradition. We had a great time!

My mom snapped this one just as I stepped in a pile of mud. Nice.

There is that ticked-off look from Nick again...

My little adventurer

My dad is still recovering from foot surgery-hence the crutches.

"Please stop taking my picture..."

I love this picture because we all have completely different facial expressions.

Winter is definitely just around the corner.

I managed to get a pic of old St. Nick in the off-season. Ha! ;)

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