September 28, 2009

Some people listen to Enya to unwind

I listen to John Mayer. I am completely mesmerized and in love with his music. He is such a talented musician. There is simply no disputing that. Well you could try disputing it, but you would look rather silly. That's like saying Van Gogh or Monet is a terrible artist simply because you don't appreciate or favor their artwork. You can say you are not a fan of John Mayer, but you there is no getting around that he is exceptional with a guitar. OK sorry, I digress.

ANYWAY...bottom line, his music is my escape. I have really come to relish running errands by myself with the bluesy sounds of John Mayer serenading me all the way to the bank. Those little excursions have become my saving grace when I just need a few minutes away from "Elmo's World."

Probably my favorite chillaxin song is his cover of Free Falling. There is just something so soothing and intoxicating about his voice.

Hope you enjoy it too...


Jessie said...

Mmmm, music. Mine's James Taylor.

Vindie said...

I love his music too! I'm going to be in Utah from the 12th-17th of November, so I'd LOVE to get together and have lunch. Maybe we can have a little reunion with Spring too! I'll call you as we get closer and we'll figure it out! Can't wait!