September 11, 2009

Climb every mountain...

...or just Mount Timpanogos. Nick attempted to do his yearly hike with his dad. I say "attempted" because they made it half-way up the mountain and then suddenly became blasted with rain and strong gusts of wind. When he called and told me they were going to call it quits because of the weather, I just shook my and head, smiled, and said "I told you so." I had warned Nick repeatedly through out the week that the weather did not look good for the weekend and that maybe he should postpone. But once Nick gets an idea in his head, there is no turning back I tell ya. "We'll be fine. I don't think the storm will hit until Sunday."

Next time Nick, you would be wise to listen to your wife. :)

But despite the inclement weather, Nick said they had a great time and got some beautiful pictures. And although he loved spending time with his dad, I think he really misses his old hiking buddy Kurt (they did the entire hike together last year).

Take a gander at some of these gorgeous pics...

Isn't Nick the most handsome mountain man ever?

Back of Timp, by Sundance Resort.

The only glacier in Utah.

The ominous storm approaches...dun, dun, dun!

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alyssa said...

Hi Debbie! How are you?I almost didn't recognize you with your dark hair! Toby is adorable. What a cute little family you have.