May 12, 2009


I found this picture in a parenting magazine and immediately tore it out. I didn't know what I was going to with it, I just knew I liked it a lot because it reminded me of my dancing days and made me really miss them. It also made me really want to have a little girl that would share the same passion for dancing as me.
Toby has recently acquired an affinity for dancing though. I love it! When ever he hears music he immediately starts turning in circles - it so cute! And I always look forward to our daily dancing session. Sometime after Nick goes to work I turn on some music, he wraps his arms around my neck and we sway together to sounds of Frank Sinatra, John Mayer, or Norah Jones.

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Kristina said...

I love that pic!
I didn't know you danced. That's cool! Me too! I miss it and every time I watching dancing (particularly ballet and hip hop) my body yearns to move and be graceful or funky.