May 23, 2009

Go Green

Although I am usually partial to fall, I think spring is definitely a close 2nd because of how GREEN everything is. The last few days have been perfect park weather for Toby and me. Ever since Toby has learned how to walk he is constantly pointing to go outside or pounding on the window to join the kids at the park across the street. Also, Toby WILL NOT stay in his stroller longer than about 5 minutes now because he just loves to be free to explore. I like to call him my roamin' nome.

I don't mind his enthisuam for the outdoors at all. Especially after a LONG winter mostly indoors with Nick being gone 16 hours a day. And with the 100 degree weather just around the corner, I am relishing every moment outside in the temperate 70 degree weather. Plus, the mountains are SO GREEN and beautiful, I love it.

Usually around July when the sweltering 100+ weather sets in, the mountains start to get all brown and ugly so I try to really soak in the GREEN while its still here. Nick even commented on how beautiful they look right now (which is quite a compliment coming from a guy who is from the state where the mountains are GREEN and GORGEOUS all summer long). He said they reminded him of his Kodiak mountains. I snapped a few pictures but coudn't get a clear shot with out the telephone lines getting in the way.

P.S. If you are wondering about my playlist, Nick and I saw a commercial on TV advertising classic 60's and 70's songs, and we kept saying "I love that song!" Thus, I decided deviate from my usual John Mayer-ish playlist and go with the good-feeling classics of yester year. hehehe

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1..2..3..Painter Team said...

I hear you about enjoying it while we have it. As well as being with kids outdoors is easier then indoors when daddy's are gone soo much.