August 7, 2008

Nick hikes Timp!

Nick hiked Mt. Timpanogos a few weeks ago with his friend Kurt. For those of you who aren't familiar with this mountain, the summit is approximately 11,800 feet. He trained for a few weeks before he ventured up this rugged but beautiful trail. He said that it took him about 4 hours to get to the top and then 3 to get back down. Some of the pictures he took were absolutely breathtaking. I find it so amazing that parts of the mountains can be so brown and rocky and well, lets be honest, kind of ugly, but then other parts have cascading waterfalls and rich green foliage that you would swear you were in a different state.

Nick said he was able to catch some mountain goats butting heads. I wish I could have been there with him but I was home chilling with the Tobeman. Hopefully someday we can all hike Timp together!
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